Health – WoMen at work

Balance is everywhere. If someone asks me what balance is, I would say, balance is a good relationship between two things. Unfortunately, not always everything is balanced. Take women and men in the workplace. Most of the time there is not a good balance between them.

Most people know that men are better paid than woman. But that is not the case in every profession. Take modeling as an example. In moddeling men are paid 75% less than woman. For a fashion show from a top designer, women are paid around 46,000 euro, men are paid only 11,500 euro. The only positive thing for men in this profession is that they can have a longer carrier, because woman are discriminated in age (Vries, 2016).

This is of course just one carriere where woman are paid more. In most carriers woman are paid less and work just as much or even more than men. They say that woman all around the world work four years more than men. This is paid work but also non paid work such as taking care of the family. Women are most likely to keep house, also when the men and the women work the same hours. This is of course unfair, but it happens (, 2016).

There are also jobs that are typically dominated by women or men. One example is teaching. This profession is mainly dominated by women. Woman have taken over elementary school. If you want to see a men teaching, you have to look at universities (Zitvast, 2016).

Another profession, in this case, dominated by men is for example IT. This is of course not always what they want, sometimes they want women, because they look from a different perspective at things. This is the case in the IT-sector. They are creating more balance between private and work. With this they think to attract more women. So there will be more balance between women and men in the IT-sector (redactie, 2016).

CBS confirms that women work more these days than men. In 2005, 3.4 million women were working and this number increased to 4 million in the last years. For men this number has only increased one million in last ten years. So that is of course a big different. Still there work much more men than woman. In 2015, 4.5 million men had a job, while only 3.4 million women had a job in the Netherlands.  (CBS, 2015)

So you see there are many differences between women and men on the workplace. There are differences in money, work hours and in how many gender difference there is.  There has to come more balance on the workplace, so everybody can be equal.





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